Thursday, July 5, 2012

From a Guest

I was sleeping over my brothers friends house and I was sleeping on the floor and my brothers friend was on the couch so when no one was around I got up and asked for a kiss and he said I had to kiss his dick first but just with his shorts on and stuff. So I was hasty to do it I faked it I put my fingers on my lips and faked kissed his dick and he knew I didn't so he said to actually kiss it and then I did , but I had forgot the whole me asking for a kiss so I just kept on kissing it and mouthing on it and then the night ended. So the next time I slept over I slept on the floor again and he slept on the couch again and then I waiting until no one was around and I got up and started kissing it and mouthing on it and then I licked his shorts and then he pulled his shorts down and my heart raced and it was big and I started to suck on it and lick it and suck on it more. Then he told me to get up on the couch with him. So I did and the he pulled my shorts down and put his dick by my butt and started sticking it in which hurt like a sharp knife entering me. But I took it and he started to put it all in and I put my hand on his stomach and tried slowing him down he did but as soon as I took my hand off he pushed it in so quickly it hurt so much but felt so good and then he began to insert it and take it out and from now and then it would come out of place so he had to put it back in and then he finished and cummed in my ass. The end

Saturday, April 28, 2012

From a Guest

K so the first time i ever had sex was at summer camp, and everyone was like at the theatre place watching some play and there were only me and my friend in our cabin. I told him that i had to tell him something, and he asked what it was. After a few minutes I told him I'm bi, and he was all accepting and nice about it. He asked if I've ever had a dick, and i told him no. He asked me if I wanted to, and i asked who, and he said him. so i got up from my bed and went over to him and got on my knees. it was really awk, cause neither of us knew what we were doing. but he pulled down his shorts and stuck out his dick out of his boxers. i grabbed it in my hand and felt it until he got hard, then put it in my mouth. he was about 6 inches, and he started moaning quietly. he came after only about two minutes, and it was salty and watery, as expcted from a 13 years old. he and i never realy talked after camp, but i'll always remember him

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just some stuff

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From a Guest: Siblings


im gay. my brother's gay. my sister is straight. (the birth order is sis, me, bro)

when we were growing up, we had a lot of alone time because our mom worked all the time and our dad had left us after my younger brother was born. when i was 15 and my brother was 13, we came out of the closet to each other and then to our sister. she thought it was really neat.

a couple of days after we came out, our sister came to us when our mom was at work and asked if we'd be interested in showing her some stuff. I got the hint pretty quickly that she wanted us naked, but my brother was slow. so i finally told him bluntly "she wants to see our dicks." he said "oh, okay" and dropped his pants. that was the first time i had seen his dick since puberty and it was great. it looked exactly like mine did at that age. about 6 in and perfectly circumcised. he got a boner real fast when he realized that his siblings (both of which liked cock) were staring at his cock. he blushed and tried to cover up but i wouldnt let him. i dropped my pants next and my siblings stared. i also got hard and my 7 incher impressed them. i quickly started jerking off but my sister stopped me and said she wanted to watch my bro and i do each other. so we did. i could tell he definitely had started masturbating. i came on the floor and then he shot all over me. it was so hot. we then showered together, with our sis watching, and jacked eachother off again in there. that was 3 years ago and we still do something for our sister everyday (unless our mom doesnt leave us alone). both my sis and i still live at home and go to community college so it works. we've jacked, sucked, and fucked in front of her. we sometimes do it alone, but we both like the audience. my brother and i have had 3 somes and 4 somes with other guys around tho weve never had real boyfriends.

ive been exchanging pics with a guy from class recently and i always show them to my siblings. its kinda cool that we all like cock.

oh. my sister has given both of us handjobs and blowjobs. she always blows us for our birthdays, xmas, new years, and 4th of july. and she always gives us handjobs after we take a test at school as her way of helping us deal with stress or something haha. at first my bro was much better at handjobs, but shes gotten really good to. but my brothers still definetly better at blowjobs. he says the same about me.

- gay guy whose about to jack off his giant boner

From a Guest: Cumming on Twin Brother

Hi nick

im tom and im 15 and i have a twin bro named zack. we share a room but have beds on opposite sides. zack and i are really close but the other day he was really pising me off so i decided to get some revenge. when he went to sleep, i went over and jacked off over him. after a minute or so i came all over his face and pillow and hair. i took a pic and texted it to our best friend who thought it was hilarious. he called me up and we both started laughing. i was laughing so loud that i woke zack up and he realized what i did. he tried to beat me up but he couldnt (were equally matched). he ended up getting me back by punching me in the balls to wake me up for the past 2 days.

the end

Urinals at the Game

I went to the school football game today. We lost.:( But at least I saw a cute blond's dick at the urinals. it was kinda big.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

From a Guest: Brotherly Tradition

hi nick

My name is Dan and I have 3 brothers. 1 is older than me and the others are younger. On my 12th birthday my older brother Jon came into my room at night and said that he had to talk to me. He was 15. He said that our cousins had a tradition that he wanted to do in our family. he wanted to teach me to jack off.he told me to strip and then gave me a handjob while explaining what he was doing. when i orgasmed he explained that the drop of white stuff that came out was sperm and that id have more when i got older like him. he demonstrated for me and showed me his 7 in penis and his huge amount of hair and cum (i barely had hair at that point). when we were done he said that i was welcome to jack with him and to use his porn and lube the only condition was that i had to teach my younger brother to jack off on his 12th birthday. so i did. i did the same thing. i jacked him off and jacked off for him. that was 2 years ago. last night my younger bro came into my room real late and told me he had just taught our youngest brother. we all celebrated by having a 4way jerk off session. it was great.

dan (16)