Friday, April 16, 2010

Caught Jacking Off in the Showers

Today I went to the YMCA to go swimming. There was hardly anybody there, and it felt odd to be in the pool with so few other people. So I did fewer laps than usual before heading in. Figuring I had plenty of time to kill before I had to be back home, I took my time in the locker room.Something about being in the showers completely naked with noone else around turns me on. I got really hard almost as soon as I took my swim suit off. With nobody around, I figured it couldn't hurt to jack off a little. So as the water cascaded down my body, I stood there in the showers jacking off, using soap as lube. I got really into it, and didn't pay attention to what was going on around me. So I didn't hear anybody else enter the locker room. As I was preparing to cum, I walked to the center of the room where the drain was to shoot my load into the drain. When I reached the center of the room, I looked up and saw somebody in the entrance to the showers! I froze and stopped rubbing my dick. But I came anyway, right into the drain as intended. I was still paralyzed. But I overcame my initial horror when I took a better look at the guy who had seen me. He was 13 or 14. He had his hand down his bathing suit, apparently touching his boner which was clearly visible. I immediately thought: "This kid must have been jacking off to me jacking off." After staring at his boner for a couple of seconds, I went back to my shower. I had to reclean my dick and leg because of my cum. The kid got over his shock a minute later. He took a shower nearby. We both checked each other out a bit. It was obvious we were doing this even though we both tried to hide it. I should be going to sleep now, maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

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  1. Nick - Super hot, love your short posts. You should check out my blog. I can't believe (well, I guess I can) that someone else did almost the very same thing!