Thursday, July 5, 2012

From a Guest

I was sleeping over my brothers friends house and I was sleeping on the floor and my brothers friend was on the couch so when no one was around I got up and asked for a kiss and he said I had to kiss his dick first but just with his shorts on and stuff. So I was hasty to do it I faked it I put my fingers on my lips and faked kissed his dick and he knew I didn't so he said to actually kiss it and then I did , but I had forgot the whole me asking for a kiss so I just kept on kissing it and mouthing on it and then the night ended. So the next time I slept over I slept on the floor again and he slept on the couch again and then I waiting until no one was around and I got up and started kissing it and mouthing on it and then I licked his shorts and then he pulled his shorts down and my heart raced and it was big and I started to suck on it and lick it and suck on it more. Then he told me to get up on the couch with him. So I did and the he pulled my shorts down and put his dick by my butt and started sticking it in which hurt like a sharp knife entering me. But I took it and he started to put it all in and I put my hand on his stomach and tried slowing him down he did but as soon as I took my hand off he pushed it in so quickly it hurt so much but felt so good and then he began to insert it and take it out and from now and then it would come out of place so he had to put it back in and then he finished and cummed in my ass. The end

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